PVC-Based Cords

It is used for all kinds of needs and various sectors such as construction, automotive, textile, machinery, decoration, electric, furniture, ceramic, plastic and leather industries.

PVC-Based Cords

It is not resistant to industrial oils, fuel oils and solvents. It is not recommended for places with temperatures above 100 C° and high ozone and UV resistance.

Polymer type : SBR, Rupture min: 80/cm2

Rigidity: 65+5 shore,

Elongation: min %300 ,

Specific weight : 1,4 gr/cm3.

It is available in square and circular sections, and sold in sizes between 3 mm and 25 mm. Various standard profiles are also available such as U-rubber, scrapper and sieve rubber, refrigerator gasket. Except from these, all kinds of custom profile are also produced on demand.