Flexdlt EPDM Membrane

Black and gray colored, UV resistant, root repellent EPDM strips that are resistant to salt and chemicals in soil and water, resistant to atmospheric conditions, produced in line with DIN 864 standard, (Ethylene, Propylene, Dien Monomer based, produced through synthetic elastomer calendaring and vulcanizing method, elastic), with a thickness of 1.50 mm and a diameter of 4 mm on both sides, with 2 or 3 rows of holes. It is a high-elasticity dilatation band used in the waterproofing of thermal expansion joints and cracks. It is produced with or without holes.


Easy application with epoxy adhesive Formulation with high elasticity (500%) Resistant to plant roots Resistant to ozone, diesel and oil High performance in wide temperature range (-40, +120°C).

Required Application

1 layer of EPDM Epoxy Adhesive areas are created, 8 cm each, on both sides of the main area, and EPDM strip is pressed on these region, thus allowing epoxy to leak through the holes. 2 cm of this area should be located on the concrete part, 3 cm on the holed part, and 3 cm on the EPDM strip.

Its application areas include all building dilatations, horizontal and vertical applications, expansion joints of underground floorings, permanently wet areas such as pools, the underground parts of foundations and walls, water structures (waste water treatment, drinking water, water tanks, pools),
Terraces, balconies, parapets and roof ends, tunnels and culverts, waterproofing of Raft-Wall, Raft-Raft cold joints, sealing of wide and irregular cracks, Elastic waterproofing of base - parapet connections, Connection points of various construction materials such as steel construction and ferro-concrete, Concrete, plaster, screed, epoxy or cement-based repair mortar, wood, sheet, aluminum, GRP, epoxy, natural and artificial stone floors and other similar floors, Terraces, balconies, facade, wet places, parapet walls, building add-ons and protrusions, foundation and wall concretes, building dilatations, concrete pipes, water bearing containers, swimming pools, waste water units, tunnels and other similar underground structures, and parking areas.

Flexdlt EPDM Membrane